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Brian is the guy on the far left. This picture was used by The Tennessean.



brian in desert-editedb.png



Brian Dec 2005 - Iraq                       Photo from his official Army records  Sept 2005     


brianiraq2003-1a.png                           brianiraq2003a.png      

Mosul, Iraq  2004                                                                                        Brian in Mosul  2004


brianfallujah1.png                                           briankuwait.bmp

Brian in Fallujah, Iraq - Writing Nicole  2003                                 Kuwait - Picture Used in The Tennessean - 2003


briankoreaclimba1.png                                                  brian2.png   

Camp Casey Korea 2000/2001                   Graduation from Advanced Individual Training Ft Jackson SC Summer 2000




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